Who is Seerabane?

A New Pop Star is born!

  • Seerabane the Diva
  • seerabane et prix

herShe did herclasses in the piano bars of Abidjan and Casablanca, revealing qualities of interpreter out of the ordinary, appropriating the songs she takes to sublimate them and bring them forward for rarely achieved.

Seerabane is no shortage of advantages: a voice the musicality and amazing abilities, sensual and poignant emotion, charisma and a presence that cannot leave indifferent, a bewitching energy, a personality at once mysterious and radiant, elegant and unique...

She comes from another planet where music is Queen, drawing his universe between neo-soul, smooth jazz and pop song. It is as if Sade Adu and Anggun, Joss Stone and Natasha St-Pier, Alicia Keys and Tina Turner met in her. But she plays with the labels, like surprise there where she is not expected it, in a  her own 'Nu Pop Soul'  style ...

Alongside the Top Hit that she interprets with a special way to experience music, she develops her own music, writes the songs and composes herself the sounds.
She occasionally call for authors and composers for her to concoct special titles , at the level of her international potential.

Artist «LIVE», accompanied by her Band - The Seeraband - gruop of 4 exceptional musicians, she surprises by her master and her occupation of the stage. The quality of the performances resulting therefrom is at the level of what one would expect from a Star.

Abane (one of his birth name) means "the star that shines '... It is a new star who reveals herself. We will now have to count with this fledgling Diva.

She is currently working on Maxi singles, followed by her first album which will be the consecration of her immense talent.  Follow... Bio download